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2017 Movember Bike Ride In part by The W.H.O.O. Foundation.

That time of year where we saddle up and head out into the wild to partake in some festivities at some of our finest local establishments.  Movember is a month to bring awareness to our unfortunate gentleman who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer.  We on the other hand are not so much bringing awareness but showing support amongst our Brothers and Sisters in the fire service.  Every year you will see an abundance of mustache in the fire stations across the nation showing our proud facial hair to the best of our capabilities providing support at its finest.  And that's just it, it's what we do best as Firefighters.  A Firefighter as an individual will almost always be the first to support, first to lend a hand, first to step up to a task, first to help in any way shape or form ON or OFF duty.  Which is what makes this tight knit community so great.  But for some reason, we are thee absolute worst at asking for help for ourselves at any level. 

So we started the W.H.O.O. Foundation (We Help Our Own).  The W.H.O.O. Foundation was started several years ago and has donated to several candidates that work for any of the fire departments that participate in our annual Movember Bike Ride.  We raise money for our own on this one.  We as a group go out and have a grand 'ol time raising money for an individual that we select to donate to.  An individual that is enduring an extreme hardship, a loss in the family or being deployed across seas for an extended period of time to serve this beautiful country of ours.