Quite often I get the question "So where did you get the name Keigan From?"  Well I started this company when I moved out to Arizona with no family in the area.  Being brand new to the desert and very unfamiliar I decided to get a pup.  One of the baddest German Shepard/Red Wolf mixes that has ever graced this earth, Keigan!  Well when starting this company Keigan was my absolute best bud.  So naturally it made perfect sense that he should be the mascot of this brand representing the few undeniably best moments we have in life.  Just to simply have fun, live life and live that lifestyle that every single one of us crave for.  Keigan passed away shortly after of a heat stroke, wrecking my world and realizing how fast the "fun" can be taken from you. 

I push this brand as a lifestyle, a way to search for the "fun" and make the journey well worth it. Embrace each day and the bittersweet moments that come with it. Live the moment each day has given us and leave this earth without a single regret.  Just feel good.